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Free shipping Worldwide

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This collection is unisex and made of 40% recycled plastic and 60% cotton. This combination gives a durable and ultra-soft t-shirt. To create one THEA t-shirt, 10 plastic bottles have been recycled. In addition, we have CO2 compensated our collection – so your THEA t-shirt is 100% CO2 neutral!

THEA t-shirt collection reflects our minimalist design that fit into any wardrobe and for all occasions; from school, to work, to the party and all the way to bed as nightwear. They compliment all bodies, genders and seasons. It is timeless and with its clear statement ‘THIS T-SHIRT IS MADE FROM 10 RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES’ will start conversations.

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From plastic to clothes – step by step

  1. We collect 10 large post-consumer PET plastic bottles
  2. The bottles are clinically washed
  3. The plastic bottles are then shredded to flakes
  4. Next, the plastic flakes are melted into multiple tiny pellets
  5. The pellets are then extruded and spun into soft yarn
  6. Lastly, the yarn is woven into modern, sustainable clothing
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Not only with the clear green quote that you show to the world by wearing this T-SHIRT,
we have put a lot of green love into making it.

Made from discarded plastic:
Only 9% of all plastic today is reused. The rest end up in landfills or worse, the ocean. Most importantly, we think; we help clean up and use the rubbish from the plastic bottles again.

Water used again:
Your t-shirt is dyed under sustainable conditions (AZO free dyes), and all the water has also been used again during the dyeing process. Your t-shirt requires as much as 35% less CO2 to produce compared to a ‘regular’ t-shirt.

Less waste:
We have saved the plastic brands you usually find in your clothes, which i.e. wash label, neck label and price tag. We imagine that you would quickly remove and throw out – and therefore we have also minimized the waste here and instead printed label inside.

On its sustainable journey from plastic bottles to THEA t-shirt, they have been made as slow-fashion. The print is hand-printed and will vary slightly on all designs. This means that no two t-shirts are alike, and you therefore get your very own one of a kind t-shirt.

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