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About Us

THEA is the store for handcrafted fashion accessories with bright contrast from common everyday fashion items. Our store contains cruelty free products that set you apart from the everyday looks you can easily find around.
We believe that real fashion is defined by elegance and class; everything you need to look as attractive and endearing as a woman can be. Get our timeless fashion accessories and look unique.

We work with professional artisans, who are looking to exhibit quality fashion accessories. THEA’s goal is to get quality handcrafted fashion items while empowering the behind-the-scene artisans who make it possible. Our artisans are the core of our operation. We at THEA are the channel that opens them to the world.

Our Mission

Mohini Choudhari, a young visionary who believes that every girl is a glimpse of perfection is the mind behind THEA. With a love for exploration, she has travelled across 80 countries and gives a glimpse of the vast cultural diversification and uniqueness in her designs. In her attempt to gather the best attributes of the fashion trends across the globe, she aspires to collate with artists around the world, creating fashion that is one of its kind.

“I believe THEA is a channel that opens to a global community of females who are interested in a unique fashion that is comfort and chic.”

-Mohini Choudhari
Founder and Creative Head

Our Values

Every product you get to discover is our store is made from premium quality materials that are proven to last for a long time with proper use. From cutting to sewing, and complete polishing, every item is created with precision by our artisans. From leather to textile our products are curated with complete care by our artisans to ensure elegance is matched with class. Handcrafted carefully, thread by thread, needle by needle, our accessories define comfort and style. The result is ONE ITEM everyone would want to have.
At THEA, we are all about celebrating YOU – the woman! Nothing is enough when it comes to adorning you and we want to go all out in creating the best apparels and accessories for you. Our designs are like none other, igniting the uniqueness you possess.


Do you believe that every woman is unique and attractive in her way? We do too! THEA is a Greek word meaning “goddess”. We believe that every woman has a goddess within, who makes her unique.
Our goal as a brand is to be unique. That’s why our artisans across different countries are charged with providing high-quality products for every personality. Since THEA means goddess, our products are for the woman that knows she’s a goddess who rules her world.